Why did we start Natural Stone Keepers? Honestly, because of my Grandmother, Mamie Rabalais. Each time I would visit her grave in the cemetery, her marker always seemed to be neglected. It always felt like no one had been there to see her — the marker always had dirt on it, was covered in ants and had faded flowers. Seeing this was always a sad moment for me. So we decided to change things and make sure that everyone could be afforded the opportunity to walk up to visit their family members and not have to worry about the appearance.

Although we have always found cemeteries as interesting places of history, we think of my grandmother’s cemetery as a place of peacefulness. we can walk around for hours and never see it all. But while walking around in a local cemetery, we realized is that it will be difficult to determine the age of the stones if they have not been maintained. As they age, the grave markers become broken, dirty, and neglected. The mold and mildew will take over, the vandals can use them for graffiti, and cemeteries may become abandoned.

Today, things are different! Now you have a locally-owned company that will provide you with a maintenance plan to help you preserve your family’s memories. When you visit your loved ones in the cemetery, you will see a beautiful arrangement of flowers and a clean marker, and leave knowing that the memory of your loved ones receives the same care as ours. 

This picture shows the image we wanted to present to our children and grandchildren, because they are the future of the world.

We do all of our cleaning by hand, and we never use pressure washers or harsh chemicals.